Our Culture

Our mission clearly defines what we do. Our culture is how we do it. At Innovest Global, we believe that our people are our greatest asset, therefore we should invest accordingly. We believe we can be an organization that is driven to succeed at the highest level while maintaining an environment of respect and appreciation for the value of everyone. Woven into fabric of our people at Innovest Global are two sets of core values.

The ARC System Logo


We are a company that believes in the power of accountability. Each day we are accountable to our shareholders and team, which ensures our actions are always in line with our goals.


We understand and embrace the idea that our success is ultimately defined by our results. Taking the proper actions over a consistent period of time allows for the opportunity to achieve the most desired results. Intentions are important, but results matter most.


Proper communication is the glue that holds IVST together and allows us to focus on the most important things. It is only through good communication we are able to maintain our focus on results and our commitment to accountability.

"The Innovest Way"

Invest in yourself daily
Value people first
Strive to exceed expectations
Train your team so you become replaceable
“Our success is directly tied to our committment to do things ‘The Innovest Way’.” — Damon Mintz, President of Innovest Global, Inc.

Our people are constantly evaluated and rewarded on how well they adhere to these. Through weekly ARC meetings to establish and measure goal achievement, annual ARC bonus payments and programs designed to help them grow personally and professionally, Innovest Global is 100% committed to helping our people achieve their fullest potential. By doing this, we are able to ensure we accomplish our mission.