Board of Directors

Daniel G. Martin, President & CEO, Founder, Chairman of the Board

Mr. Martin is a life-long entrepreneur. Since launching Innovest in 2017, he has turned it into a publicly-traded diversified industrial company that is expected to generate nearly $50 million in gross sales in 2019 and employs over 100 through two segments. He acquired and compressed six companies, turning a company worth just $300,000 in 2017 into a company worth over 100 times that amount to start 2019, and debt-free at that time. With both successes and failures under his belt, he credits his business tenacity to growing up in his father’s drugstore, which required managing very low margins and critically important services, and in conditioning himself to focus on the most important things even when things are chaotic. Mr. Martin has a Bachelor of Science of Business Administration in Finance from John Carroll University.

John Klopp, Independent Director

Mr. Klopp is Chief Executive Officer, of the second-generation firm Klopp Investment Management headquartered in Cleveland, OH. The firm is a large-cap, blue chip platform fund, which is available to Klopp clients and trust accounts directly, and others through their financial advisors and investment platforms. Their balanced blue chip strategy of investing in large companies, has averaged over 14% growth per year 2009-2019. Prior to his time in Klopp Investment Management, Mr. Klopp worked at Dean Witter Reynolds’ where he was responsible for inter Broker-Dealer transactions, then Compliance, Trading, Research, Asset Allocation, and Portfolio Management. Mr. Klopp has a Masters of Business Administration from Baldwin Wallace College and a Bachelors of Art from Ohio Wesleyan.  He is a member of the Cleveland Society of Security Analysts and is active in the Chartered Financial Analysts program. Mr. Klopp also serves on the board of Rose-Mary Center, a non-profit organization in Cleveland, Ohio.

Alfred Marciano, Independent Director

Mr. Marciano is the Managing Partner of Charland, Marciano & Company, CPAs, LLP, a full service Rhode Island accounting firm with clients in a diverse range of industries throughout the country.  The accounting firm has a concentration in corporate and personal tax planning, management consulting, corporate audits and estate tax planning. Mr. Marciano’s expertise in these areas, especially estate tax planning, is matched only by his commitment to building strong relationships with the firm’s clients, both as businesses and individuals. Mr. Marciano also brings his expertise in financial and retirement planning to his position as the Chairman of the City of Warwick Municipal Retirement Board.  He is an Expert Witness for the Rhode Island Family Court and Rhode Island Superior Court.  Mr. Marciano has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration from Bryant University and is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). He also serves on the Board of Directors for the Hope Academy Charter School, and on the Boards of various other civic and religious organizations.

Tim Figley, Advisor & Board of Directors Member

Mr. Figley is an Advisor for Innovest Global and works daily with the management team to achieve the Company’s short and long-term objectives. Over the past 35 years Mr. Figley has been responsible for growing an organization from startup to $200 million in sales, where he ran operations and supported the owner in a business which featured six locations with unique cultures, and over 400 employees. Mr. Figley has extensive experience growing businesses, he has built dozens of commercial properties, owned an eight figure semiconductor distributorship, a residential real estate development, oil and gas partnerships and a youth center.

Danny Baker, Independent Director

Danny Baker is an Equity Manager for Stone Arch Capital, where he is responsible for over $38 million in assets. He is also the Chief Operating Officer and a member of the Board of Directors for Marshall Goldman Motor Sales and Leasing, the world’s largest exotic and luxury dealer group. Marshall Goldman generates nine figures in annual revenue globally, with offices in Cleveland, OH, and Beverly Hills, CA. Before these roles, he founded and operated similar businesses that he successfully grew and exited for a profit, after beginning his career as one of the youngest managers ever for three successive, profitable Lamborghini dealerships. He is also an avid racer competing in the Ferrari Challenge Series and several other Motorsports Series over the last six years, ranking high among his peers with many wins. His dynamic personal characteristics, private equity knowledge, operating experience, and global relationships position him to provide unique insights and value to the Innovest board. His expertise lies in ROI, sales, marketing, and operations. Danny has a degree in Business with a concentration in Marketing from the University of Missouri (Columbia) and a graduate degree in Automotive Dealership Finance and Management from the College of Automotive Management in Orange County, CA.